The Salises. Exceptional taste proposal on the menu of the La Scala restaurant

The products of the company “I Salis”, reported among the 11 salami factories in Italy not to be missed by the Guide of the “Gambero Rosso ”, among the new taste proposals on the menu of the Ristorante La Scala.

Pampering our guests and offering them the best, this for us means committing ourselves to discovering the best products of excellence of the territory.

This research led us to the small village of Ploaghe, near Sassari, where Michelangelo Salis, owner of the homonymous “I Salis” butcher’s shop, produces various types of cured meats and hams with great passion, selecting and processing highly prized wild boar, pork, sheep and beef meats.

The goodness and incomparable taste of these products derive from over ten years of experience, from the type of processing and from the choice of raw materials, the result of a careful selection of fine meat from animals reared in the wild.

The Chef and the dining room staff of the La Scala Restaurant will  be able to guide you through an unforgettable taste experience.