Soi winery. New proposals in the La Scala restaurant wine list

Research in the kitchen is a very important aspect for the Ristorante la Scala. The desire to offer new flavors and combinations has brought us to Nuragus, a town 50 km from Cagliari, where among the sinuous hills of Sarcidano the Soi winery is located, whose philosophy is “belonging to and respecting the territory”.

In our menu you will find: the white Nurà (Nuragus of Cagliari), the reds Lun (Isola dei Nuraghi) and Soi strong> (Cannonau di Sardegna) and the passito Lillò (Isola dei Nuraghi) four splendid bottles that will accompany the culinary proposals of our Chef Santiago Vasquez.

Which one to choose? Our dining room staff will guide you through an unforgettable taste experience.